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We wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year03-01-2016 - 13:44

As we are welcoming the New Year

As we are welcoming the New Year with all it’s challenges and exciting horse events coming up,

it’s with pleasure and pride we remember some of the magic moments we have had together with a lot

of promising horses and prospects over the last year.


Santa by San Remo / White Magic was bought at the Hannoverian Elite Foal Auction in Verden, the same day as

we also bought Campari by Concetto / Silvio I, and it’s with great pleasure and pride we today can see how the idea

we wanted to fulfill, by buying foals with interesting pedigree and future perspective, giving them a sound upbringing

and breaking them in and educate them the classic way, gives us an unspeakable joy today, by following and seeing

Santa and 13 –year old Sofia Hegstrup becoming European Champions for Children.

With Lars Bækgård educating Santa until her fourth year, Carina Cassøe Krüth who had her last years of education

at Per Skjærbæk, finishing her degree with the highest score given, bought herself half of Santa and continued the

education, which resulted in Santa being the most wining dressage youngster – both as 5- and 6 year-old in Denmark.

A superb performance and great work by Carina. Then the Hegstrup Family took over Santa, and what a wonderful

journey Sofia and Santa has already had.

We are looking forward following this couple in the future and thanking them for all the fantastic moments

they are giving us.


Skovens Rafael proved already in 2013 his potential as a Sire as he, with a small number of offspring,

managed to influence the top of the Scandinavien Championships and so he did again in 2015.

By passing on his excellent gaites and fabulous ridability as seen at the Swedish Breeding and Sports Championships,

where his offspring indeed showed their qualities, and for the seventh time Folksam honers the most successful Sire

at the Youngster Championships at Falsterbo – and once again the honer was given to Skovens Rafael for his exceptional offspring.

Eight lovely sones and daughters had this year entered the championships and three went on to the finals and one became runner up in the 6 year-old final.

This clearly shows again how he gives on his fantastic values to his offspring and with all these remarkable results

of sons and daughters of Skovens Rafael , together with his own results, he has now been appointed Elite Sire in the

Danish Warmblood Association.


Campari by Concetto/ Silvio I and Per Skjærbæk has had an absolute outstanding season also in 2015 with lots

of fine results, and for the new season in 2016 we are looking forward seeing Campari on the dressage arenas,

now with Lotte Skjærbæk in the saddle.


Tailormade Ralph Laurén by Skovens Rafael / A-Dur and Per Skjærbæk had a fine debut in Intermediare by winning their

first class at this level.


At the JBK Horse Show with all the best young horses qualified for the finals at the Danish Equestrian Federations Championships, it was in a very tough company Adrenalin Firfod by Skovens Rafael / Zalmiak Firfod, bred by Stutteri Firfod

and rider Helene Melsen continued to show there qualities by winning the second qualification and becoming runner up

in the final, where they achieved 9 for the canter and 8,8 for rideability and a total of 8,420. Through out the season the

couple have had lots of wins and placings and we are proud to follow this fantastic couple on the dressage arenas.


One of the most talented young horses from Priess Stud, Diamond Dancer by Don Diamond / Florencio whom achived

one of the highest score at the Danish Riding Associations Championship / Qualifikation for young horses, with a total

of 8,960 points and a 9,2 for his walk and a 9 for rideability has been having a fantastic start to his career “Down Under”

as he has had lots of wins in the youngster classes and championships with his rider Charlotte Pedersen.

His first foals are expected in 2016, that’s very exiting.

Huge congratiolations to Rosenborg Stud,Sydney –Australia,owned by Briony Fyrkilde-Velling


With Charlotte Dujardins excitment test riding Lord Romantic by Tailormade Lancelot / BH Don Shufro at DWB Young Horse Championships in Herning during the National Stallion Show 2015, giving him 10 for rideability and 10 for capacity and

Lord Romantic and rider Lotte Skjærbæk finishing as number six in the final among so many good horses, it gives us

lots of joy and pleasure in the daily training.


Brilliant by Bretton Woods / Diamond Hit / Landro L who became Champion and Siegerhengst at Mecklenburg-Studbook

in Germany, and Foundation son Frenchman by Foundation/Castro/Inschallah AA , are both showing lots of carriage, movement, rhythm and balance under rider and we are looking forward to the youngster classes in 2016.


Some very interesting foals and youngsters bought all over Europe, are developing for the upcoming season at our

Stud Solvang.


With all this in mind we can look back with great satisfaction and gratitude on both the sporting and business year and

we send the warmest New Year greetings to all our customers, partners, colleagues, sponsors, business associates and

friends and wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Lotte and Per Skjærbæk

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