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Success in the States14-01-2016 - 04:22

- for a Tailormade Temptation daughter we bought at the Elite Auction

We recieved this nice letter from a costumer in the States to whom we sold a lovely Tailormade Temptation daughter in 2009,

when we launched our idea of investing in fine foals with fine blood.

Naturgaarden’s Monique by Tailormade Temptation / Matador,bred by P.E.Klausen,Nibe, mare born 2009,

was at her first foal selection given 9 for her trot,type and overall impression, and again at the Elite Show she was

given 9 for her type.

We bought her at the auction and she was sold as a yearling to Jane Cleveland,USA .

Naturgaarden’s Monique has entered her first Prix Sgt. George in the weekend, with the score 73,68 % at the first day

ending up as number two, and 75,06 % the second day and winning her first Prix Sgt.George class.

As Jane Cleveland expresses “ She is special” !

See the video from the winning ride here

We are so proud and delighted to follow this lovely mare on the dressage arenas, a beautiful future star.

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